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The Girdlers' Craft

This was to do with the making of girdles, or belts – and especially their associated metalwork. Girdles were often ornate and worn outside the tunic or gown. They might be simply to gather in the garment, but were also used to suspend the wallet, purse or side-arms. Girdling, as it was called, overlapped with other crafts concerned with metal or leather, and demarcation disputes were not uncommon. The craft was an important one from mediaeval times until the end of the sixteenth century, when it rapidly declined.

The Company no longer practises its craft - though it has the honour of presenting the girdle and stole worn by the sovereign at his or her coronation. Over the years, while the Company has remained an association concerned with the trades and government of the City of London, it has developed into a property-owning organisation concerned with the fellowship of its members and with charitable works.