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The Girdlers' Company stands twenty-third in order of precedence of the City's Livery Companies (110 in total, as of November 2019) and has an active livery of around 93, governed by a Court consisting of the Master, Upper Warden, Middle Warden, Renter Warden and up to 24 Assistants. A small staff, headed by the Clerk, co-ordinates the day-to-day business of the Company.

The Master and Wardens are elected annually, on a Thursday in July not more than four weeks before St Lawrence's day (10th August), and confirmed in office at a crowning ceremony the same evening. The crowns are replicas, created by the Royal School of Needlework, of the originals destroyed with the Hall by enemy action in 1940.

The current Master for 2020/21 is Major-General Sir Sebastian Roberts KCVO OBE, whose CV can be found here.

The Wardens for the year are:-

Upper Warden: Tom Crawley-Boevey;
Middle Warden: Nigel Salisbury;
Renter Warden: Angus Maitland.