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Other Benefactions

In addition to the Principal Charities, the Girdlers’ Company’s Charitable Trust supports a number of other charities to a lesser degree, some based on the Girdlers’ historical links with particular areas, others based on individual members’ interest and involvement in local charities.

Hammersmith & Peckham

For many years up until April 2013 the Trust made annual grants, upon application, to a number of organisations whose beneficiaries resided in Hammersmith or Peckham, the areas of London closely linked with the Girdlers' Company.

This grants programme has now ended, but in its place the Trustee has selected a smaller number of charities - whose work the Trustee has previously supported - with whom it wishes to work more closely in the longer term.

Sailing Charities

Many of the Company’s members have an interest in sailing, and for several years, the Trust has also provided modest support to a number of sailing charities, especially those providing sail training to disadvantaged young people, and those with disabilities.

Jock French Charitable Trust

In 1970, Past Master Jock French suggested the creation of a new charity, in which all the Livery should be involved. After a lively discussion in which the whole livery took part, it was agreed that a new fund would be set up, to which members of the Livery could apply for money for charities of their own choice. The fund would be built up from covenants and donations given by the Livery, to which the Company might add.

Applications for money from the Fund can be made twice a year, and a separate committee exists to decide how the money should be allocated among the applicants, who must themselves have contributed by covenant or donation to the Fund. Preference is given to those taking an active part in their nominated charity.

The Jock French Fund has succeeded in its main object of involving the members of the Livery, all of whom are made aware of it from the moment of becoming Girdlers. It attracts members who are not so far engaged in charitable work, and encourages those who are. Because it reflects the interests of the current contributors to the Fund, it cannot lose its relevance or become out of date.

The Fund deals with an increasing volume of giving every year, and in the 2020-21 financial year distributed over £127,000 to a wide variety of charities.