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New Principal Charities must deliver at least one of the outcomes shown below in order to be eligible for a grant from the Girdlers' Company Charitable Trust.

Improvement in employability

The Girdlers' Company Charitable Trust makes grants to charities that increase people's employability, in order to improve their sense of self-worth and economic independence.

Improvement in carers' health & wellbeing

Grants may be made to charities that work with carers of all ages, to allow young carers to be children again and to improve the health and wellbeing of all carers so that they are able to continue to support those for whom they care.

Improvement in mental health

The Girdlers' Company Charitable Trust makes grants to charities that work to improve people's overall health, happiness and wellbeing.

Improvement in literacy

Improved literacy changes the life chances of young people and supports adults into employment.

The Girdlers' Company funds organisations that work to lift people out of poverty through the power of literacy, enabling them to reach their true potential.

Reduction in prisoner reoffending

Through grants to organisations that work with people who face severe disadvantages in finding jobs, homes and the right support, the Girdlers' Company encourages ex-offenders to become positive contributors to local communities and the wider society. We passionately believe that everybody is capable of changing their lives.