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Applying for a Grant

The Girdlers' Company Charitable Trust will accept applications for one-off grants from organisations that deliver clearly defined outcomes and that meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The improvement in people's employability;
  • An increase in the support offered to carers;
  • The improvement in people's overall mental health;
  • The improvement in people's literacy;
  • The reduction in rate of prisoner reoffending.

Subject to available funds, the maximum grant is £10,000. The average grant awarded is £4,250.

Grant recipients are expected to submit a written evaluation report around nine months after the grant has been awarded on the outcomes achieved by the grant. Our support should make a recognisable difference, therefore preference will be given to applications from smaller organisations.

Because the level of grantmaking is dependent on available funds, unfortunately not all applications will be successful. The allocation process is as follows:

  • The Benefactions Committee currently meets in mid-January and late June to review the applications, with a view to submitting them to the Court for its approval.
  • At the next Court meeting (currently early February and early July), the Benefactions Committee's recommendations are considered and may be approved.

In a worst-case scenario, therefore, a charity may have to wait 6 months before hearing whether its application for funding has been successful. However, all applicants will be advised of the outcome, whether or not they have been successful.

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