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The Almshouses

The Girdlers’ almshouses owe their existence to bequests by Past Masters Cuthbert Beeston (1582) and George Palyn (1610). Beeston’s property was sold in the 1830s and the money used to build almshouses in Peckham. Palyn’s almshouses were originally built in Finsbury but replaced by further almshouses in Peckham in 1852. Altogether these were on separate sites in Consort Road, Montpelier Road and Choumert Grove, but following a number of amalgamations and rebuildings, the almshouses have been consolidated on the Consort Road site since 1980, where 17 units provide accommodation for over 20 residents. The residents are expected to live independently looking after themselves, and if necessary with the help of outside agencies. The charity employs an Estate Officer to look after the buildings and grounds, and to act as a good neighbour to each of the residents.

The charity operates a list of applicants from which the Trustee selects when there is an occasional vacancy. To be considered as a possible resident applicants must meet one of the following three categories, as set down below in order of priority, in the Charity Commission Scheme governing the Charity (named Beeston's Andrewes' and Palyn's Charity). "The residents shall be poor persons in the following categories".

Freemen of the City of London.


Persons who are, or who have been, employed in trades akin to that of a girdler (including workers in metals, leather, cloths and fabrics).

Persons resident in the former administrative county of London as constituted on 31st March 1965.

Applications, using the attached form, should be forwarded to the Charities Manager by email, or posted to:

Almshouse Applications

The Girdlers’ Company

Girdlers’ Hall

Basinghall Avenue

London EC2V 5DD